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  2. MIDNIGHT PROMISE - Kisaki Project -
  3. Midnight Promise
  4. Psalms 119:62 King James Version (KJV)


Hardened by a lifetime of fighting, he is more warrior than man, incapable of feeling love or compassion. But one stormy night, he pulls a beautiful woman from a car wreck—and experiences a rush of fiery emotion that could melt even the hardest of hearts.

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Since childhood, Evangeline Walker has felt the magic growing inside her. Descended from Druids, she is the perfect vessel for ancient magic—and evil. Evie knows she should trust no one, not even Malcolm, whose strong touch and tender kiss she craves.

MIDNIGHT PROMISE - Kisaki Project -

But after she makes a devil's bargain to save her half-brother, this fearsome warrior may be the only man who can protect her—with his heart, his body, and his soul…. Rothiemurchus, Scotland October The weather didn't matter.

The temperatures didn't matter. No feelings, no emotions. No entanglements. That was the kind of life Malcolm Munro led. The kind of life he'd come Grant's eighth Dark Warrior book provides a thrilling and satisfying addition to her intense and constantly evolving series.

Grant's smoldering seventh Dark Warriors will grip readers from the first page.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce The Midnight Promise

Lovitt has a real skill in drawing characters that spring to life in a few words. As a modern interpretation of the private eye style of crime, The Midnight Promise is an exciting and original debut. A writer on the rise.

Midnight Promise

An often brutal, yet brutally reflective, examination of the human condition. Intelligent, never ponderous, The Midnight Promise wears the battered fedora of the crime genre with stylish ease and moves at a brisk pace. Told with intensity and conviction, it offers a refreshing perspective on a well worked genre.

The Text Publishing Company. Three-time winner: Small Publisher of the Year.

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Psalms 119:62 King James Version (KJV)

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