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Each time one was witnessing the ultimate moment rther it was Neem-kaMa, Allahabad or Diaad Harbour, Doordarshan eclipsed the darkened with this written on the "Total Solar Eclipse: estial Experience". It was a useful and timely tinder, as one was distracted as it were by the desperate attempts of Yashpal to singlehandedly keep the show going. He tried hard at balancing his role as studio anchor with what was really the television producer's job - instructing errant cameramen who couldn't hear him , briefing 4scientists on how they were to appear on the programme who too couldn't hear his exasperated counsel , even nudging the "culturally inclined Bengalis" at Diamond Harbour into some poetic outpourings and last but not the least, engaging in a harangue with the cameramen at Neem-ka Thana and yelling "show us the instruments, show us the instruments".

As the telecast proceeded, we sat with pinholes and pencil doodles to help our five-year-old daughter understand that what was going on was something more complex than a game of hide-and-seek between the sun and the moon. Un- fortunately, the television set was little help. Despite the several hours of Doordarhan coverage something as elementary as a lucid, diagramatic animation of the eclipse, was missing.

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When some anxious caller articulated the phobia about the effects of the eclipse on pregnant women, it was promptly dismissed as an old wives' tale. The fact remains that dismissive pooh-poohing of irrational fears doesn't really work on the faithful. The inadequacies in Doordarshan's coverage of the eclipse constitute just the surface, behind which several other issues remain unresolved. The chaos of those few hours is symptomatic of the shabby face that the scientific establishment in the country displays before the public.

Some agreement at the policy level on what needed to be communicated was warranted. Utterly devastated, Connor began the slow return to the Homestead. As he passed Monmouth, he discovered a battle being waged by the rebels and the British.

Celestial Hide and Seek ; The Game of Eclipses

Coming upon the force lead by Marquis de Lafayette, he learned that Charles Lee initially led the army in a reckless charge -- before suddenly turning right around and calling for a retreat, perfectly timed so that he got away while the British suddenly swarmed them from three directions. Connor manned a cannon to cover the rebel retreat, preserving hundreds of lives.

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They met up with Washington, and revealed Lee's odd behavior to him. Then, Connor turned his back on Washington, making it very clear that he would not deliver another victory to him. Two years later, Achilles fell ill, slowly dying. Connor told the old man about how the colonists had gained momentum, and the war now appeared to be in their favor. The man still held on to the hope that the Templars and Assassins could one day unite, but Achilles insisted that both Lee and Haytham needed to die.

Planning to kill Lee, Connor met with Lafayette. Drawing on a tactic he had used in the past, Connor requested that Lafayette convince a portion of the French navy to sail into the bay, disguised as British ships, and begin shelling the Fort to cause chaos and confusion while Connor killed Lee. Lafayette agreed, but only if Connor would aid in the coming Battle of Chesapeake Bay. After an epic naval battle that saw the Aquila destroying dozens of British ships on its own, and Connor even destroying a Man O' War after his cannons were destroyed, he earned his ships.

He returned from the battle to find that Achilles had died in his sleep. Reading a letter the man had written for him before his death, Connor was given all of his property, and Achilles admitted that he had given the man a sense of hope for the future. After burying Achilles and holding a funereal with all of the Homestead's residents, he promised to make him proud. Connor infiltrated Fort George and lit his signal. However, as he was making his move, a cannonball slammed down next to him, stunning and concussing him. Forced to withdraw and recover, Connor stumbled out only to come face to face with Haytham.

Three celestial spectacles to look forward to

His father, predicting Connor's movements, had gotten Lee moved from the Fort. A deadly clash followed, a still dazed Connor forced into a sword fight with his father, a man as deadly as he was. Still, it was an even struggle, and Haytham, in a last attempt to kill his son, pinned him to the ground. All it took was one hidden blade to the throat to end the battle. Realizing his number was up, Haytham managed to express some semblance of pride in his son before he perished. Knowing it was time to bring this all to an end, Connor shaved his hair into a mohawk and painted his face with war paint.

While Charles Lee lead a funeral service for Haytham, Connor strolled right in, hood down and absolutely no concern for consequence. Lee, outraged by Haytham's death, told Connor that he would keep him alive so that he would be forced to watch as he destroyed everything he loved.

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Then, he had his guards drag him off, and they began to beat him once they weren't in the public eye. Connor used this chance to kill them and escape, tracking Lee down to Boston, where he planned to board a ship for Britain. As he approached Lee on the pier, he was noticed, and the Templar made a break for it.

Connor pursued, practically ignoring the regulars that tried to stop him. Nothing was going to stop him now. Lee led the chase to a ship under construction that had caught aflame, and the two continued even in the perilous environment. Then, the floor collapsed beneath them, sending them both crashing to the floor below. Lee was only bruised and stunned, but Connor landed right on a piece of wood, stabbing himself in the chest. In excruciating pain, he managed to pull it out of his chest. Lee rose to his feet, and demanded to know why Connor continued to fight, even when everything fell apart around him.

Answering that it was because no one else would, he shot Lee in the chest before blacking out. He awoke, sore, beaten, and alone. Making his way out of the ship, he learned that Lee had managed to escape, making his way to the countryside. Following, Connor found Lee in a tavern, his wound untreated, idly sipping away at a drink.

Without exchanging words, Lee shared his drink with Connor, before the Assassin ended his life. He took a trinket that Haytham had given Lee, a trinket that he had been told by the spirit to obtain and hide in a place that no one would find it. The spirit gave him a parting message after he buried it in the grave of Achilles' son, telling him that he had fulfilled his purpose. A purpose he would never understand. When the Revolutionary War wrapped up, Connor found that Congress had sold the lands of his people without their consent, and he viewed how, even as the colonists forced the British to leave for oppressing them, the colonists themselves were selling slaves.

Confused as to what his suffering amounted to and forced to live in a world only marginally better than what it had already been, he could do no more than continue to try and make the world a better place. Until, one day, he jumped into a bail of hay to hide from pursers, only to emerge out of a dumpster After traversing through Chargeston Cave -- where Connor specifically killed a member of a Plasma grunt group to force Hilda and Hilbert to adjust to death -- they met up with Skyla and the resistance in Mistralton City. After everyone split up to wait for their next move, they were set upon by the Shadow Triad.

Connor was targeted, but noticed his assassin and incapacitated him on his own. Hilbert, however, had been poisoned, and although he was healed, it left Connor with a burning rage to defeat Plasma. Afterwords, they used the Rift Bridge to reach Opelucid City. He also spoke with a gym leader, Clay, where he expressed his hope that Unova would not be another America.

Then, he was tasked to infiltrate Plasma's base with Wheeljack, Oshy, and Brycen. The four, aided by Hilda's Zoroark ShadowDancer, freed Plasma's prisoners and cleared access to their Pokemon stealing machine. After setting up trip mines to destroy the first responders, Connor wiped out two more groups of grunts, keeping them from reaching the machine room.

As Hilbert slipped into N's throne room to confront the puppet king, Connor, cloaked with technology taken off of the Triad, followed. He saved the boy's life when Ghetsis tried to sic Unova's legendary dragons on him, and tried to encourage N into action by briefly recounting how he had been deceived himself. He fought a roughly even battle against Ghetsis' Drapion before gaining the upperhand and sending the Ogre Scorpion cowering, then stopped Hilbert when the boy, enraged by the apparent death of Rung, tried to kill Ghetsis.

When Ghetsis was brought down and Unova was freed, Connor managed a small smile. After the liberation of Unova, Connor managed to return into obscurity.

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Despite some amount of fame from his efforts, only those directly involved in or closely associated with anyone in the Plasma Parade recalled him with regularity. He lived life quietly, taking small but profitable jobs. Secretly, he was harboring some distaste for the Celestial Guardians. While he approved of them in most areas, their ownership of the Eclipse Cannon -- a certified death weapon -- left him unnerved, in spite of the fact that it hadn't been used since well before his arrival to the Multiverse. Almost a year after Unova was freed, Connor encountered N while in the Hoenn region, as well as a friend of his named Kotone Shiomi.

Along with a local trainer named Wally, the trio worked together to track and apprehend a pokemon thief that had fled to New Mauville. Along the way, Connor also met and befriended a shiny Greninja. After the thief was caught, the pokemon began to follow him. While the two have become companions, neither consider Connor to be Greninja's trainer.

Excerpts from January’s Cosmic Weather report…

Connor's dislike of the Eclipse Cannon came to a head. Sigma , somehow, discovered or suspected his feelings on the matter. The Maverick Leader proposed that the assassin aid a strike team in eliminating the Cannon, and Connor found himself swayed to support him. Connor is a trained Assassin and a natural born hunter. He is a powerful runner, and despite being built like a tank, capable of enough acrobatic feats to run across buildings or even trees.

With his Eagle Vision, he can pick out hostiles from civilians or allies, as well as his targets. It also grants him a slight clairvoyant ability, able to see how objects have been moved in the past. Connor is capable and skilled in using swords, knives, axes, and war clubs as weapons, though he's most comfortable with a tomahawk. He is also a deadly marksman, with either a bow or a pistol. He arms himself with a variety of tools, from rope darts to trip mines to poison darts.

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His hidden blades, useless in a straight fight but wonderful for stealth kills, let him tear apart entire forces without ever being noticed. When that fails, Connor is a brutal opponent in combat, keen senses and ambidexterity giving him a defense that's almost impossible to surpass, and a deadly ability to turn any offense into the perfect weapon. A shiny Greninja that Connor met in the Pokemon World.

Greninja never speaks, but he seems to be a mute by choice: He can be heard making grunts or other noises when stressed or pained, and the Assassin claims to have exchanged words in perfect English with him. This makes communication with him rather tricky for most, but he and Connor have perfected the art of non-verbal communication.

Even telepathy doesn't get him to open up. Any mental conversations with him will be concise and brief.