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Edition: 2 ed. Date: Created. Summary: You are not in charge and you want to make a difference: that is the dilemma. Genre: Business and economics , Self-help publications. Subject s : Organizational effectiveness Executive ability Leadership. The tips came from Cady. At the GTD Summit she will share her unique perspective on how lessons learned in space apply to all of us, right here on earth.

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Robertson currently works as a business partner at HolacracyOne, the organization he launched to steward the Holacracy practice and assist other organizations seeking to adopt it. Author of 'Busy'. Tony has spent a lifetime analysing how people think, feel and behave at work.

In an era where our inbox and to-do list are bulging, a huge amount of people expect things from us and our organisations are trying to do more with fewer people — Tony is the voice of reason. Co-founder and CEO, Apolitical. Robyn is co-founder and CEO of Apolitical, an award-winning learning platform for government. Previously Robyn co-founded OneLeap, an executive education company, and a Southern African non-profit teaching coding to vulnerable youth. She has written an acclaimed memoir about growing up in Botswana.

She implemented GTD in a very creative and unique way for herself, focused on emotional payoffs from her actions. Ove Kenneth Nilsen is a film editor, director, triathlete, soul singer, Capoeira instructor and the man behind the non-profit organization Long Life Shorts that helps prevent drowning in Africa. He is also helps organize the wolds largest GTD meetup group.

All of this despite his growing up with the feeling that the world was too complicated and overwhelming. He has his own podcast where he interviews experts from every walk of life about simplification. As the Vice President of Product Development at VitalSmarts, Emily leads all of our product teams, works with clients to customize VitalSmarts products for their organizations, and sets the standard for all VitalSmarts facilitators.

Working closely with the New York Times bestselling VitalSmarts authors and other thought leaders, Emily brings the best of social science research to organizations in meaningful and actionable ways. But, it is her depth of experience, academic background, and rigorous intellectual reasoning that provides the solid foundation for her message. Mark Tigchelaar studied neuropsychology and helps professional athletes, entrepreneurs and knowledge professionals to gain more from their brain.

By working with more than Without control over our attention, it takes more time to do our work and we experience more stress. In the long-term it even increases the chance of a burnout.

Getting Things Done When You are Not in Charge

Through in-depth studies of the brain, he identified four concentration leaks. When you know which these are, and know how to stop them, you gain control over your focus and with that your productivity. Mark wrote five books and gave several TEDx Talks on how to use insights of neuroscience to improve our performance. Firefly Coaching. Stephanie helps business owners get clear and then generate marketing ideas that are a perfect fit. Co-founder, Space Adventures. Eric Anderson is a lifelong entrepreneur with a history of successfully introducing products and services into new markets. He is most well-known for pioneering the development of the space tourism industry as the Co-Founder and Chairman of Space Adventures.

Since , Mr. Anderson has successfully arranged eight mission to the International Space Station for privately-funded individuals. He is the Founder of Idea. Anderson also co-founded Space Angels Network, Planetary Resources; and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Virginia where he studied aerospace and software engineering.

Author of 'Trap Tales'. David Covey is the 3rd son of Stephen R. SMCOV works with the best intellectual property content experts on the planet and helps distributes their content globally through licensees.

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David loves working with impactful IP and setting up distribution systems around the globe. Co-founder, Invictus Publishing. Elise is a creative entrepreneur that loves challenging the status quo by encouraging others to think big and realise their dreams. Early on, she did so as one of the two entrepreneurs behind Seats2meet, a pioneering innovative co-working concept in the pre-WeWork era.

She invited David Allen to the Netherlands almost 10 years ago, planting the seed for his love for Amsterdam. Having her creativity on stage brings things full-circle. Award-winning cinematographer. Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning producer, director and cinematographer whose notable career spans more than three decades providing breathtaking imagery for feature films, television shows, documentaries and commercials. Author of 'Drive'. In , Dan blew the world away with his TED Talk on the science of motivation, which is one of the 10 most-watched TED Talks of all time with more than 20 million views.

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He is also the author of six provocative books — including his newest, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing , which has spent four months on the New York Times bestseller list. Before venturing out on his own 20 years ago, Dan worked in several positions in politics, including serving from to as chief speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore. EastWest Institute. She was privileged to serve as a program officer with the Goldman Sachs Foundation and later with the Institute of International Education for the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program identifying outstanding youth world wide in leadership and social entrepreneurship.

David Allen and Karen worked on a pilot program bringing GTD to local elected and appointed officials in a small Western Massachusetts town where mind mapping became a regular part of science education at the middle school level and GTD a planning and execution tool for local town operations.

Author of 'Brainchains'.

How To Get Things Done - Part 1 - Successwise

The drive: curiosity leading to a deep understanding and simplicity as the ultimate sophistication. As a scholar, as well as a consultant, trainer, coach and speaker Theo is driven by the curiosity to understand complex issues by studying the research, finding the underlying mechanisms, which when really understood often are simple. He deeply distrusts mere opinions, including his own, and especially from people who do not really know the subject.

Theo looks for the practical applications of this knowledge and burns the midnight oil to find ways to share these insights in lectures, workshops and writing for students, professionals, managers and the public at large. CEO and co-founder of Coda. When you think about it, the history of productivity software is surprisingly short on disruptive moments.

Google Sheets, for instance, may be web-based and collaborative, but its conceptual bones are the same as those of Microsoft Excel established , which itself followed the lead of Lotus and VisiCalc The same is true of the word processor, presentation package, database, email client, and a few other eternal verities of business productivity.

27 Best Books on Productivity and Time Management to Get Things Done!

To turn docs into apps, Coda had to rethink productivity from scratch. He was formerly an executive at YouTube, overseeing the product management, engineering, and design teams. Author of 'Breaking Rank'. Steven Coutinho is a professional speaker, author and lecturer known for his insights into self-image and how it is programmed by society's stories. His recent book Breaking Rank takes you on a fascinating journey into how the mind has evolved, how it is shaped by society and how it shapes society in turn.

Combining evolutionary psychology, neuroscience and a lot of fun, he inspires audiences and organizations to become more conscious of their automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors - in doing so Steven helps people and groups along their journey towards unleashing their full potential.

How did you get to know GTD? She dropped everything to read it twice and decided she needed a GTD consultant to help her out. Although she describes the mental process as a life-long learning journey, she persists on thinking in terms of desired outcomes and next actions, writing things down and doing a weekly review. This meeting is a great gift upon a gift.

If you meet up with Dean at the Summit, be ready for a ride into a very smart universe!

Embracing his inner teen, Mike refuses to grow up and rides an electronic skateboard to work for fun. Before that, Mike enjoyed a year career at GE Healthcare. Author of "Trabalho Organizado". As part of a Master Degree in Communication, Work and Technology, Thais studies and explores productivity apps and its relation to productivity.

Co-founder, Encode. A seasoned entrepreneur and business builder with more than 30 years of experience, Tom is a recognized leader in self-organization practices and methods. Tom is currently a Founding Member and Partner at encode. Tom is an active entrepreneur having been involved with five early stage companies prior to encode. Service Manager. Wendy Haddad is a Service Manager at a Fortune entertainment company.

Over the past four years, she has challenged employees to think differently about the way they work and the tools they use. As a Customer Success Manager, Wendy led hundreds of webinars, classes, and workshops and she recently transitioned to a new role as a decision maker working to create strategic roadmaps to help empower employees with the technologies in her portfolio.

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In a previous role, she created and managed the Educational Technology department at The Master's University in California, where she led the transition to a new Learning Management System that impacted over 1, faculty, administrators, and students. Wendy is passionate about personal and team productivity, and often helps friends and coworkers become more productive in their personal and professional lives.

The Getting Things Done Methodology became a regular childhood study as part of her home school curriculum, and Wendy credits these skills with helping her achieve a double major and double minor and graduating Summa Cum Laude, as well as contributing to her early success in the workplace. Author of 'Workarounds'.

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Having started five successful companies and consulted to leadership teams around the world, Russell has become a recognized expert in personal and organization transformation, helping individuals and companies create unparalleled success.