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Chumbe is also home to the most protected reef on the island.

Bursting with life, the fish shine in all colours of the rainbow and the gigantic corals line the sea floor as you gaze down into this underwater world. This beach comes alive before the sun comes up.

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The energy is tangible as locals set up their stalls, boats are brought in and visitors arrive. Many different pods swim past here every day, and thanks to the locals with their little wooden boats that somehow go out to sea you can join in on their journey.

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Lined with festive beach bars, restaurants and clubs, Nungwi is where the party is at! When speaking to any of the locals, they will enthusiastically tell you of its beaches.

Some argue that they are the most beautiful beaches Zanzibar has to offer — with sheltered coves, tiny tropical islands spotted around and every water sport under the sun on offer. These little beaches, tucked away in amongst the mangroves will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for your next tropical getaway.

Around the time of ovulation, the pores get smaller and the skin becomes clearer.

Kissed by the Sun Print for Sale

In the days before the period, the skin is more sensitive to light than usual thanks to fluctuating hormones. The low estrogen concentration before menstruation affects the pigmentation of the skin. This is why you should try to stay clear of being overly exposed to sunlight. Put on sunscreen, avoid the sun, and drink plenty of water.

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