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  1. The Tailor's Daughter | Culture Northern Ireland
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But when passion turns to betrayal, Veda abandons her beloved Savile Row and sets off on a treacherous journey into a world of deception, murder, and madness. Don't do it. Don't waste your time or money on this book. The story falters and the audio production is the worst casting I have encountered in a lifetime of listening to audiobooks.

The Tailor's Daughter | Culture Northern Ireland

At least once every 10 minutes I'd discover I wasn't listening to the story any more. Instead, my mind had drifted the recording studio when they were taping. Rather than envisioning the action of the novel, I was picturing the production team. Who's decision was it to cast an American reader for a book set in Victorian England? Both the time and location of the book seemed utterly lost on her.

In her defense But what was the producer doing? My favorite was "Chancellor of the Exchequer. I mean, c'mon, guys-- online dictionaries have pronunciation guides, even audio links to someone saying the word right.

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Maybe they thought the suspense over what she would misprounce next would liven up the pace of an otherwise inane store. I will say this in the author's defense: she wove that combined elements I'd never encountered before a deaf girl in the world of Victorian fashion? That's new, that's interesting I did listen to the entire thing, but it was simply that it was an Audible trainwreck and I couldn't seem to break away from it.

A lame book, made virtually unendurable by its reader. Save your money. The narration was awful, with the different voices for characters being squeaky and weird. The narrator was american for some reason, and put on a terrible British accent for some characters. The story was rambling and long and filled with decisions that made no sense. I had no sense of understanding for the main character. I hope that everyone who reads it feels the same.

I love the story and how amazing Veda is in overcoming all the obstacles she faces. In a time where girls and woman act only a certain way, it was refreshing for the story to be around a father who loved his daughter enough to support her through so much. I do have to admit I was kind of disappointing that the ending was rushed within the last 2 chapters but it was a great story and worth re reading. Long and very boring. This story gave me insight to a life never imagined: tradespeople vs.

The author takes great pains to compare the life of this young woman as a deaf person as compared to a hearing one.

Granted this main theme is important, but she doesn't need to say it so often. Regardless, it is fascinating to think of how far we have come in our treatment of disabilities.

The narrator Traci Svendsgaard does a marvelous job of differentiating the voices. I loved the scandalousness and spunk she showed by donning male attire. She also proved to be a outspoken, brave person. I did not really care for the ending or the choices this incredibly forgiving woman made, but the book and the story and the writing were all very lovely.

Truely a story that will give women hope, deaf or blind or not handicapped at all. My only complaint is that I would have liked to learn more about the times and customs of this era. The book was not very detailed regarding everyday mundane life in the times. January 5, - Published on Amazon. I bought this book based on the reviews here at Amazon. It was a good read but somewhat difficult to believe with all the tragedies that the poor heroine suffers.

Her Mom and brother die, she becomes deaf, she is nearly assaulted by her fathers employee, loves someone above her station and marrries him and then gets it annulled, has a child who is then stolen from her, etc! In the end I was depressed that nothing could go right for this poor girl. The last quarter of the novel suddenly morphs into a gothic tale with a tragic fire scene that sets us up for a HEA ending.

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I agree with the other reviewers that the ending was a little off and did not mesh well with the rest of the story. However by that time I was just desperate for the heroine to get a lucky break! Overall a good read, but the endless stream of tragedies was a little manipulative. November 1, - Published on Amazon.

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Janice Graham has accomplished a remarkable thing in The Tailor's Daughter. We never forget that Veda, the narrator and title character, cannot hear but we learn all we need to know about those around her in this fine story. The details describing England during the midth century create vibrant pictures of the era.

The artistry of tailoring was documented with such fine detail around fabric, accessories, stitching and style. Nothing about the trade went un-noticed, even the accounting and collection of the bills. What a fine delight to learn the passion the tailor has for his work and the confidence bestowed upon him by his more class worthy clients.

As Americans we don't think of class in the same way as 19th century England.

Graham captured this theme consistently throughout the story but without prejudice toward the aristocracy. Veda faces daunting challenges and disadvantages because of her deafness but she's anything but a pathetic character. She enjoys rich relationships with friends, albeit, friends who are paid to attend to her education or serve as her assistants. She suffers many losses, including her hearing, during her teen years. Because her chances for a successful marriage diminish with her hearing, she becomes the heir to her father's tailor business.

She finds inventive ways to handle her unusual duties which would serve many a young woman today. Love finds its way into Veda's life with complicating factors of class differences creating conflict, heartbreak, and redemption. The story compels one to learn the outcome.

Wonderful Customer Service and Loved... - Island Gourmet Boutique

She was actually better than him. The Tailor's Daughter was beautifully written and a delight to read. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more.

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